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The Benefits of Wearing Weave

It is considered taboo to say weave is beneficial. Many stylists even encourage clients to stay away from weave in order to achieve healthy hair. At The Bee Hyve, we believe that weave can actually benefit your hair if cared for properly. Here are the top 4 benefits of wearing a weave.


1. It protects your hair from heat damage

For the ladies with more course hair, you know how rigorous the process of doing your hair is on “wash days.” You have to shampoo/condition, detangle (which can literally take forever), blow-dry, then straighten your hair. By the time you finish, your arms and hands are begging for mercy. Even with the hard work and beautiful finished product, all that heat is really damaging for our hair. With it being kept away underneath those beautiful Brazilian locks, our hair is safe from heat damage.


2. It’s great for growing out your hair

After a terrible experience with hair color, I had to cut my hair into a short, asymmetrical bob to remove the damage and to allow my hair to get healthy again. It was extremely short. After having a sew-in for three months, my hair grew almost three inches! Our hair enjoys a good vacation, and giving it a break prevents tension and breakage, which stimulates growth. For those of you who aren’t quite comfortable with the length of your hair or your haircut, I definitely recommend this! Just be sure to moisturize and maintain your natural hair underneath.


3. It allows for a range of possibilities

Is there anything you’ve ever wanted to try with your hair, but you were too afraid to? Worry no more! All the things you’ve always wanted to try can be done to your extensions without damaging your natural hair! Do you like a shorter hairstyle, but don’t want to cut your own hair? You can try it out with your weave instead. Do you want highlights or ombré your hair, but don’t want the responsibility of maintaining permanent color? Want to try out a wild, crazy color like pink or orange? Virgin weave can be dyed almost any color you want!


4. You can achieve the long hair look

If you have difficulty growing your hair or achieving a desired length, extensions can give you those long locks you’ve been longing for. I’ve even seen extensions up to 30 inches long! If you can handle all that hair, then more power to you! Flip and whip your hair all you want!

This is not a PSA for weave, and by no means is this to encourage you to buy four bundles of top-grade hair (but if you want to, we got you J). I’m simply telling you that wearing weave/extensions is not a healthy hair killer and it's nothing to be ashamed of; it’s actually really beneficial for your hair!


  • I’m glad you mentioned that weave can help you grow out your hair since it prevents breakage. My hair is very unhealthy from using years of relaxers, so I have been thinking about cutting most of it off and starting from scratch. A weave would be a great way for me to still enjoy long hairstyles while giving my natural hair some much-needed time off.

    Anna Davis
  • It’s good to know that weaves can help stimulate growth in real hair. My sister is thinking about getting a weave for the summer so she can protect some of her hair from heat sun damage. I’ll have to share this with her so she can know what to look for when shopping for a new weave.

    Taylor Hansen
  • Bree does such amazing work and has helped my hair grow more and get back healthy again. I get so many compliments wherever I go and I have referred everyone I know to her.


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