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10 Uses for Coconut Oil - Head, Body and More...

Coconut oil has become the hot trend in the healthcare, beauty, and baking world! One that feels good, smells good, and is overall very good for you. Not to mention, a jar of it can go a long way, saving you time and money. Here are 10 examples of the versatile ways to use coconut oil:

  • Cooking: a great substitute for unhealthy oils or fats, coconut oil can give the food a little flavoring at a much healthier benefit.

  • Hair mask: coconut oil softens the hair much like a conditioner and is often used in conditioners, so it’s definitely an added bonus when it gets a chance to sit and moisturize your tresses

  • Sunburns: coconut oil is a natural soother for irritated skin, so the next time you spent a little too much time out in the sun grab some.

  • Face mask/Skin softener

  • Makeup remover: a gentle and natural alternative to harsh makeup wipes

  • Lip balm: the taste is just an extra benefit of this delicious lip balm. So the next time you run out of your favorite gloss, just reach into the cupboard!

  • Natural deodorant: coconut oil serves a dual purpose when used as a natural deodorant, it can mask a smell and help with underarm rashes

  • Natural highlighter: apply a small amount of coconut oil to upper cheekbones for a little extra shine when rocking a fresh face

  • Helps with indigestion or heartburn: the properties of coconut oil soothes an upset or flair in the digestive system

  • Shaving cream: believe it or not, the oil softens the skin much better than traditional shaving cream!

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